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GROS Builders Plus is a Polish enterprise in London to take up varied kinds of building activities like tiling, flooring, kitchen fitting, decorating, fencing, carpentry and joinery. We operate mainly in London and its surrounding regions. We like challenges, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual project. You can also find out our reasonable and competitive prices. See also our profile on MyBuilder.com. where you can find many of our recent feedbacks. More about our business you can find in the services page

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Free estimate and competitive prices.

We always try to compromise between quality and price.

High quality

You can easily find out quality of our job reading feedbacks on My Builder profile

Short date of execution

We can undertake the job which will not start later then in two months time from date of agreement


We do our best to complete the project together with any extra requirements related to the job.

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